iFlight SucceX Whoop Board F4 AIO 1S FC – Solder Friendly Flight Controller – BabyTooth 3″ Toothpick00:00

This FC is really solder friendly! Speed up my video will helps in the overall experience of this FC overview.

[TL;DR] These are the things that I like about this 1S whoop board compared to other whoop boards currently in the market:
– huge soldering pads away from main components (low risk of bridging connection)
– no integrated RX as I know I am going to install XM+ (save weight and costs)
– price of this whoop board include external VTX which can go up to 50mw and u.fl antenna connection…
Overall, u just need to solder receiver and camera… simple soldering for noobs like me.

Check out my full raw flight of 1s 3-inch babytooth using this whoop board:

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