JYU Hornet S – FPV Height and Speed Tests (part 1 of 2)07:45

Managed up to 359m but it was consistently poor feed above 300m with some bad break ups and noticeably better feed below 200m. I got about 50KPH up wind in flight mode 2 and peaked at 69 KPH in manual down wind. I think I can squeeze some more out of it LoS
The lipo started off lower than full charge because I was messing about trying to get the goggles to work because there was no power to them when I got to the field. No amount of rebooting or fiddling sorted it, I was really gutted as they looked so great on the bench. I think I have the issue in hand now, will add details to the review with disassembled pictures and a follow up flight with goggles.

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