MILITARY MINIFIGURES US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES AIRBORNE (With Tan Gear) Unnoficial Lego from Aliexpress04:48

See the Lego Military Minifigures Compatible Bricks from US Army Special Air Forces Airborne with Tan Gear. Review and Building. From Aliexpress. How to Speed Build the bricks, guns and Review. You can use these minifigures to make dioramas and Mocs battles and games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and more.

Begin your secret mission with this great Special Forces Commando set of 6 custom minifigures Lego compatible. The set includes 6 soldiers minifigs with special vests, motorcycle, rocket launcher, heavy machine gun, missile launcher, remote weapon station, sandbags and a lot of weapons

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Music: Music by Alex Lisi – Helipad Siege

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