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Here’s to never wanting it to end. Wanting that inverted hang-time to last a second longer. The line to flow another minute. The spot to stay flyable another month. The rush to stay exhilarating forever.

Things change. You have to roll with the evolution and find ways to keep the love alive. I promise I will 🙂

Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to another year of flying videos and vlogs!

— Drone Gear —

Skyeliner HD Built and Tuned:

Skyeliner HD Parts Breakdown:

Skyeliner HD frame:
Hypetrain Le Drib 2305 2650kV:
Hobbywing Stack:
DJI Air Unit:

Transmitter & Goggles:
DJI Digital FPV Goggles:
DJI FPV Radio:
DJI Radio Griptape:
Better Stickends:

Tools & Other Gear:
Torvol Backpack:
TS100 Soldering Iron:
Electric Screwdriver:

— Vlogging Gear —

Wide Angle Lens:
Daily Lens 12-35 f/2.8:
25mm Prime Lens:
Rode mic:
bendy tripod:

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