PID brushless motor control tutorial16:25

This is just a PID brushless motor control with arduino. It’s not perfect due to the huge weight of the metal bar and cheap motors. The constants will definitely vary depending on the used ESCs, motors, size, weight, etc. The idea is that nowm that you know how PID works, you could fine tune your flight controller.

Stay tune for next videos about the arduino flight controller code. I’ll explain how gyro works and how to merge this PID control for two axis.

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Arduino drone tutorial:

PID tutorial webpage:
Arduino drone webpage:

ESC 20A:
2212 brushless motor:
1245 propellers:×4-5-3K-Carbon-Fiber-Propeller-CW-CCW-1245-Props-Cons-For-DJI-%2F111572986105%3Fhash%3Ditem19fa44a8f9%3Ag%3A2pkAAOSwGIRXcNyf
LIPO connectors:

(if you want to calibrate the ESC before starting)
ESC calibrate:
One axis schematic:

PID code:
(if you want to calibrate the ESC before starting)
ESC calibrate:

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