Radix’d Weaver V2 Maiden Weekend on Stock PIDS….04:04

Alrighty guys! I picked up the 5 inch Weaver V2 Frame a few months ago and it sat dormant since. Recently, I’ve been hearing great things about the BrainFPV Radix Flight controller with it’s Bosch Gyro and it’s high quality components and layout. So…I figured…Why Not? I paired the Radix with the Hobbywing 40amp All-In-One ESC as recommended by BrainFPV and the build couldn’t have gone any smoother. The ESC connects easily via cable to the Radix and the pinout on the FC is one of the simplest and most intuitive I’ve ever experienced. Additionally, the BrainFPV website has excellent documentation with illustrated and detailed instructions for installing almost every conceivable peripheral component. For thrust, I chose the T-Motor F60 Pro 2 at 2500KV connected to the ESC via Racewire. The usual, Predator Cam, TBS Crossfire, and ImmersionRC Tramp rounded out the build. The build went together very quickly as the Weaver Frame provides ample room to fit components and the Radix UART layout makes the Soldering wickedly simple. The Weaver frame is exceptionally solid and rigid and feels like a tank as well as having removable arms for the inevitable swap down the road. So….How does she fly??? I chose components that I am familiar with in an effort to let the Radix FC shine through, and it Does!!! Firstly, the Radix OSD is Awesome!!! Graphically, it’s a massive improvement over the standard Betaflight OSD. There are a few unique options like stick overlays, but the most interesting is the live gyro traces overlay allowing you to tune your notch filters without blackbox!!!!!!! This video is from this past weekend from a few different spots with completely stock PIDS and Stock Filters in place. I simply input my rates and enabled the Dynamic Filter and let her rip, I I was very impressed with the flight characteristics with zero tuning. I will definitely be building another Radix powered rig, the next time using the Radix PDB and Blheli32 esc’s. Overall, the Radix-Hobbywing ESC combo is solid, and the additional features the Radix brings to the table definitely warrants a try!!!!

Parts List:

Weaver V2 5 Inch
BrainFPV Radix Flight Controller
Hobbywing 40 amp All-In-One Blheli-S
T-Motor F60 Pro II @ 2500KV
Foxeer Predator Mini
TBS Crossfire
TBS Immortal-T
Lumenier AXii
ImmersionRC Tramp VTX
1000uF 35V Capacitor
HQProp 5X4.5X3 V1S
Rebel 1580mah 4S Lipo
GoPro Session 5

FrSky X9D SE
Fatshark HDO
TBS Crossfire Full Size
Furious True-D 3.6
VAS Madmushroom
True-RC Air2
Hotdog FPV double wide Fatshark Strap

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