SJRC F11S Pro 4K Part 2 Flight Test Review36:52

This drone is feature packed, and one of the better drones at its price range. It includes true 4K 30fps video, a 2-axis stabilized gimbal, and electronic image stabilization. UPDATE! Although I state in the video that this has optical flow, I have since found that it does not. To be clear, the F11S does NOT have optical flow capability. I apologize. Find the F11S here (Also get $15 USD off with coupon code: Q101)

This is the Part 2 flight test review. The Part 1 tabletop review discussing its features, along with what you get in the box may be viewed here
Also, Part 3 sample unedited 4K video uploaded directly from the drone’s memory card may be viewed here.

– Folding drone with carrying case makes this drone very portable.
– GPS for stable hovering and automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
– Brushless motors for improved motor durability and longevity (as compared to brushed motors).
– 11.1V 2500mah provides upto 30 minutes flight time.
– True 4K video camera with 30 fps frame rate. Video is recorded at 4K resolution (3840p x 2160p) at 30 fps.
– Video and photos are recorded to an onboard SD card (at 4K resolution), and also to your phone via WiFi (at 720p resolution).
– Two axis stabilized gimbal, along with dedicated onboard processor for electronic image stabilization produces extremely stable video.
– Real time FPV video is available through your phone using the “SJ F Pro” app available on Google Play here or for iOS here . App also provides advanced capabilities of follow me, orbit position, waypoints, and headless mode. The FPV signal is smooth and very good at reasonable ranges. Although the range is advertised at up to 1200 meters, I would realistically expect a good signal to about 200 to 300 meters.
– As the drone records its video to an onboard memory card, the drone can be flown without the app using just the controller if desired. Controller can provides range up to 1500 meters.

– Weighs 585 grams, and requires registration in most countries.
– The app requires use of a phone with 802.11ac WiFi. Before purchasing, use Google to verify that your phone does indeed have 802.11ac WiFi (not everybody has such on their phone).
– Requires using at least a U3 write speed SD card for 4K video. Expect severe frame dropping if you attempt to use a slower speed card (such as U1, Class 10 or lower).
– 4K video only can be recorded to the card. Although the app can record 720p video via WiFi to your phone, there is no ability to downgrade the SD card recorded video to a lower resolution (such as 1080p). This can create problems when trying to view or process the 4K video on older computers or TV’s.
– SD card recorded photos are merely frame grabs of the 4K video.
– Controller includes a digital zoom control. However, the zoom only works with the 720p WiFi video, and looks very grainy when zoomed in. There is no digital zoom ability of the recorded 4K SD card video. The controller also has no telemetry (i.e. no display of drone distance, height, GPS status, or remaining battery power).
– Camera works best on sunny days. Overcast days can degrade camera performance.
– Advertised with 1200m FPV range. But a more realistic FPV range would be about 200 to 300 meters as a WiFi repeater/amplifier has not been implemented in the transmitter.

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