Some high altitude flying with my quadcopter and my GoPro Hero 3 black02:31

It had just got done storming out and it was super clam out. I don’t have the GPS antenna on my DJI Naza-M lite, so high altitude kind of scares me. I cant see the damn thin or tell which direction its pointing. I took it up so high this time I couldn’t tell if it was going up or down. Was a lot windier up there then on the ground but I managed to keep it pretty well positioned. I got panicy so I had to bring it down. I shot this with my GoPro Hero 3 black edition on 2.7k 24fps. I have a cheap eBay gimbal and its a custom built Hobby King X650F frame. Thing fly’s really well.

I need to get some kind of video down link or FPV and my GPS antenna and compass.

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