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I’m looking forward to the quadcopter,hope it is good as well as the official video, here is my relevant tests
.Find it here:

1. The appearance is compact, designs have contemporary feeling, whole looks very light;
2. The flight dynamics;
3. Lighting design is beautiful;
4. Level 3 speed setting, suitable for different level players;
5. Capable of really impressive stunts like high speed acrobatic flight and high speed rotating
6. Vehicle stability is good, when a single blade is cut off , h31 can barely keep hovering.
7. Waterproof (untested)

1 Throttle curve curt, flight, height is not good control;

1. The aircraft broke resistance is not as good as office video.
1. I cut off a blade in the flight tests, the quad can keep the hover, but difficult to control;
2. Tests, afer falling from a height (20 m or so) the aircraft cannot take off normal (suspected gyroscope is damaged, cannot take off after the throttle back, but forward together)

I test the waterproof in the next video.welcome to click here.
The factory said the reason for waterproof is that on the circuit board of quadcopter is coated with a layer of waterproof similar coating material. So can be waterproof.Prove effective after test.

The feature of the office:
Waterproof construction, rest assured to fly it over water
Can be easily controlled to rise, fall, turn left or right and fly forward or backward
Capable of really impressive stunts like high speed acrobatic flight and high speed rotating
Headless mode avoids the hassle of identifying the head and tail when you start to fly
Automatically return to and land at the take-off location at the press of a button
Built-in 400mAh battery with overcharging protection, memory function and standby function
Easy to control, ideal for pilots of all skill levels
Handsome design, high strength airframe

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