Superlight 4″ on 3S – Seriously?01:49

Turnigy 60C 3S 700mAh. $8 each
AUW = 239g

Frame: Catalyst Machineworks SL4
Props: Kingkong 4045 dual (just experimenting with fewer blades on high KV. Militia Brothers props still kick ass.)
Motors: Brother Hobby 1407-3600KV
ESC: Sunrise Cicada 20A 4in1
FC: RTFQ revo F4
VTx: TBS Unify HV Race
Camera: square micro cam, but mounted in the shell of a hmcam700
Antenna: dipole
Rx: iRangeX FX801 (futaba compatible)
battery: Turnigy 60C 3S 700mAh

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