Technoxion Registration Id : TECHNOWRC231

Participants :

Vivek Mohan
Venkatesh K
Srinidhi Chandra
Mohammed Ehsan
Criton Jose K
Amin Fazal Ahmed

This is a Y6 configured Tricopter made of glass fibre frame and 35cms long aluminum booms, to which 6 motors are attached whose ratings are 1400kv at the top and 1100kv at the bottom with 10 inch propeller on each motor. A 30A electronic speed control is utilized to control the motor speed. We have used KK 2.1 flight controller with 2.4 GHz remote control and a LIPO battery with the capacity of 2200 mAh. This Tricopter is being represented in TECHNOXIAN which is held on Delhi under quadcopter championship.

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    8. Ajay Kaushik
    9. Chaithra Kumar
    10. Raghavendra Yallapurkar
    11. LEGEND GAMER 5523
    12. Kazim Akheel

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