WORLD SPEED RECORD: 154.5 mph VX1 Quadcopter02:04

This was the first flight on a 5s with the VX1! More on the frame:
Drone physics:


Note 1: OSD speed is in kmh. A list of the speeds recorded, direction, and time in the video:

212 kmh (131.7mph) West to East 0:31
230 kmh (142.9mph) East to West 0:47
240 kmh (149.1mph) West to East 1:06
248 kmh (154.1mph) East to West 1:21
241 kmh (149.8mph) West to East 1:34
HOWEVER – GOING FOR AS MUCH AS I CAN GET: Blackbox/gps log says 69.06 m/s which is **154.5 MPH**
Blackbox Log File:
GPS Log File:

To compensate for wind (which was calm), I took the highest reading from each direction and averaged them to get 152mph. However, the scoreboard goes by highest ground speed…

Note 2: Flight took place around 8pm on May 26, 2017 and winds were 5mph max:

Note 3: Very poor OSD reception/quality. The Eachine DVR records a black screen if there is any interference.

Note 4: After much research, I have found out that GPS is the most accurate way to determine speed. A summary of my findings:

Note 5: Flight ended in a small crash – I thought I had turned on angle mode, removed my googles, pulled back on the stick to land it and realized too late I was still in acro.

Frame is custom with lots of attention to physics. Naked frame weight is 37g, about 47g with nose/tail cones and motor screws, and an AUW of 485g. Other equipment:
178mm custom frame
Cobra 2207 2450kv motors
APC B5x4.5E-B4 props
30A Super Racerbee ESCs
Tattu 1300 5s 75C Lipo
2 plastic Easter eggs
Betaflight F3 flight controller
Crazepony 700TVL Wide Angle FPV Camera (lens is from an old, broken SJCam)
AKK X1 Vtx
Lemon rx DSMX
Ublox M8N GPS
Eachine EV800
Eachine ProDVR
Spektrum DX6

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