🤪 20″ APC 12S 400kv T10’s Working18:31

Jump to @15:00 for the successful flight
@ 3:55 for when it almost eats me alive 😅

Before that I go through the maiden and tuning process if anyone is interested in how I problem solve what happened in the maiden. It was scary! Came so close to a massive crash but luckily managed to save it 😅 I didn’t get the tune perfect, in the end it was flying and that’s a win for me. Theory says this shouldn’t work, prop tips meant to be 1.5mach. Obviously it’s not hitting that, will definitely be hitting the current limiter on the ESC’s and most likely quite low actual rpm. That’s a testament to how solid APD 120’s are. Totally incredible that they could handle the tuning and none of them blew or even got hot! Definitely huge potential, the motor mounts I’ve got coming will make it fly amazingly so really looking forward to that 🙂
Thanks so much to my amazing sponsor HobbyKing for their support and to APD for their amazing innovation that enables this insanity 🙂

12S 3000mah Turnigy Nano Tech Plus
400kv BrotherHobby T10 5215
APC 20×13 Bi Blade
APD 12S 120A ESC’s
APD Test Frame
FMR Kakute F3

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