🥁The Drum Drive🥁 – 💥Warp Edition💥 – 🌌Beyond all Imagination🌌02:24

My dear friend, you didn’t read the safety instructions and fell out of my flying machine into the ocean as it seems? Lucky that one of my cute little seal friends is around and will save you in no time.

I have already prepared for your further trip. You will have to cross an ocean and traverse a desert. I am sorry that your boat and your other means of transport still have my conventional music drive installed, but I am waiting for you with the final version of my flying machine in the mountains. When you are with me finally, the journey really starts.

Seat belts? No, not this time. Seat belts will no longer be of any use where we are going. As soon as our hearts beat together and to the rhythm of the drums, we are able to reach warp speed and we will finally even be able to overcome the event horizon with the correct frequency.

My friend, are you ready for an epic journey to a destination beyond all imagination?

Music from Tunetank.com
Viktor Sabo – Dramatic Trailer (Copyright Free Music)
Download free: https://tunetank.com/track/2207-dramatic-trailer

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