Air To Air – Our Best FPV from 2015 | Flite Test

Needless to say, 2015 was amazing! We traveled all over the US and met some amazing people. Here is a montage of some of the best footage we had the pleasure of capturing over the last 365 days.

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A huge thank you to the pilots who shot this video, including a few of our very own community members!

-David Mytchak
-Eric Monroe
-Alex Zvada
-Dustin Hawkinson

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    1. TheRealBobby
    2. Astro Fox
    3. Josh Thompson
    4. sasquad da'great
    5. Connor Townson
    6. Tom Spurlock
    7. Julazz
    8. Leandro Melo Rocha
    9. vlad Tatulescu
    10. RSmerlinRS
    11. Kyle Paterson
    12. mewrongway
    13. Nick Leroy
    14. Jk Gaming
    15. blackedoutnello
    16. Roman Margot
    17. JUDI GAR
    18. jview70

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