Blimey Snow drone tournament full of Geek

Brooklyn, New York, which was steeped in pure white covered with snow. In the extreme cold, the mind has gathered men of rolling up to boil. They drone pilot. Warriors it also was addicted to FPV (First Person View) machine. Equipped with a camera and a video transmission device to drone, with a goggle-type display, FPV style to fly while watching a realistic image. Like, you can taste the feeling as if he is riding on the drone.

First round of the race should be the memorial. Most but pilots called it the first meeting, say “is to lower the .PID I’ve increased the TPA should I use TPA”, in their only common language, as early as one flesh geek Corps. Men of goggles figure sitting in a row on the bench, probably I have tasted a virtual sex more excitement.

Who won Well? Or Porsche? Or Fiat? Or beetle-kun? It is a relay from the Ferry Point Park across (all pilots naming) motor sound is sound. There crash scene.

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