Classic Caddx Turtle V2 🐢 Cinematic FPV – Ride of the Valkyries04:10

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Upscaled to 2.7K @ 60FPS for best picture

I never imagined that classical music would suit my flying style but it’s perfect for those cinematic drone shots !! Atypical weather for England in February; last year it was snowing at this time !

Music- Wagner incl. Ride of the Valkyries

Equipment Used:

Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame – maybe check out the Armattan Gecko build next
Caddx Turbo Eye Lens (not Caddx Turtle glass lens)

XJB 145 build and motors [hglrc xjb 145]
(unfortunately I have had 3 hglrc fc die on me!)

Caddx Turtle v2

VRD2 Pro Goggle rather than the TopSKy Prime 1S

Jumper T8SG

Gemfan 3052

Adobe Premier Pro for Caddx Turtle V2 post-production

I still think this footage is better than the output of the Runcam Split Mini 2 . It’s not quite as good as as a Go Pro but at least as good as the Foxeer Mix. Which fpv hd camara do you think is best?

Firmware version dated 7th September 2018
Caddx Turtle Best Settings for fpv (less washed out):
1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
1 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Ensure you lower the sharpness to 0 or 1 unless using another lens (like the Caddx Turtle Glass Lens)

Caddx Turtle V2 is NOT ALWAYS SHIPPED WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE 😱😱 The latest caddx turtle v2 firmware is AMAZING 😱😱
(Note: How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle with black screen)

How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle from a firmware update

Restoring bricked Eachine ProDVR after failed firmware update

September Firmware – works with v2 and v1 board

How to update Caddx Turtle firmware (step-by-step):

Caddx Turtle Competitors –
Foxeer Mix HD Camera (vs Caddx Turtle v2)
Foxeer Mix HD Camera UK

Foxeer Mix 1080p 60fps Mini HD FPV Camera

Review Foxeer Mix vs Predator V3 (Discounted)

Rumours Caddx Tarsier will have 4k resolution and 10ms lag !!

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