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5 years ago, we went full on from building multirotors into flying FPV quadcopters. It’s so funny to see how we fooled around with all kinds of early adapter solutions and tricks.

Anyway, flying FPV is the coolest thing to do with a ‘drone’. With the use of early analog camera’s and video-transmitters it’s possible to place yourself on board of your creation 🙂
With the help of video goggles and a crappy video-transmission it seems like you are on board and this gives the rush, we even called it a virus, because we and everybody around us got totally hooked. Since the International Drone Day of mid March earlier that year we got in contact with MCIB (MultiCopter Idiots Brabant) and since that day we started building more and better FPV racing tracks. If we went to a forest we used trees and other obstacles found in nature, if we went indoor we made our own racing / LED gates.

We would like to thank again the people of DroneMagazine which came around that beautiful sunny Autumn day and made this video. We added some subtitles. Enjoy! 🙂

Greetings from the Netherlands.

DroneZone Breda

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