Ep14 – IT Sales – Jonathan Valdes- Industry Career Insights50:19

Jonathan Valdes (JV) shares with us his 20+ year career in IT sales, the changes he has seen, tips, highs and lows. JV has also worked in both the US and UK entities for CDW sharing his insights into IT sales career views from both sides as well as the cultural working differences. Today JV is the International Sales Director in the UK for CDW leading an International sales team.

This video is one in a series covering different job roles “day in a life” as well as opinions. The videos are aimed at providing you with knowledge and diverse views across industry leaders, experts and people who just want to get involved.

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—– 🎬Video Chapters🎬 —–
0:00 Video intro
0:38 JV Career Intro and Why Sales
3:00 Working in the US vs UK
6:23 Day in a Life
9:20 Memorable Moments
12:50 Mistakes & Lessons
15:50 Sacrifices
17:27 Top Sales Tips
21:50 Hunter Farmer Sales
26:00 I Quit, or Not
29:40 Emotional Decisions
30:20 Management
34:20 Biggest Industry Changes
38:55 CTOs Did Not Exist
39:27 Pandemic Impacts
44:01 Lightening Round

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