Filming Drifting with Three Types of Camera02:33

GoPro Fusion (360 Degree Camera), DJI Inspire, and GoPro Hero 6. Which do you prefer and why?

Okay so there are a couple of miniquad shots in here as well, but we just wanted to highlight that there can be some really cool stuff pulled off with our DJI Inspire. We fly with a DJI Inspire 1, two man operations. I have an FPV setup on mine that I will occasionally use to help get the shot, but I’ll also fly a lot of line of sight while my camera operator (Winston/Flying Francis) bangs out the sticks on the Inspire.

Other chase quads:
Shendrones Ichabod, with a GoPro fusion
Shendrones Ichabod, with a GoPro Hero 6

Quad that appeared on film: Shendrones Gordo

My Freestyle Drone:
Motors: Hobbywing 2207 2450kv (these are a close equivalent) //
Flight Controller: Hobbywing F4 AIO //
ESC: Hobbywing 40A 4-1 //
VTX : TBS Unify //
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Micro //
RX Antenna: TBS Immortal T //
Frame: SMWYG Steeze //
Camera: Runcam Micro Sparrow 2 Pro //
Lumenier Gaybreakers 5″:

SONG: Siege – The Drum

My Goggles:
Fatshark Dominator HDO:
Clearview Goggle Module:

My radio:
Futaba 18SZ //
TBS Crossfire //

My Bag:
Think Tank Photo FPV Airport Helipack:

Drone Camera: GoPro Hero Session 5 //
Drone Camera: GoPro Hero 6 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera: Sony A6500 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Wide Lens: Sony 18-55 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Long Lens: Sony 55-210 //
Mic for Vlogging Camera: Rhode Video Mic Go //
High Speed Camera: Sony S8+ //
Gimbal for S8+: DJI Osmo //
Tripod: Dolica Proline //
Tripod in the Sky: DJI Mavic //
My awesome Pants:
TBS Triumphs:
ISDT Charger:
SD Card Holder:

Thanks to each of my sponsors:
Atmospheric Adventures:

Hire my production company, Cinactive Media:

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