Finwing Traveler V2 Backpack FPV Plane Maiden Flight

This is Finwing Traveler V2, a Fixed wing RC FPV plane designed to fit in a backpack or a small carrying case so that you can carry it anywhere and enjoy FPV Flights at your favorite spots, and destinations. Until now, Fixed Wing FPV RC plane pilots could only dream to fly FPV at various destinations. The size of FPV Plane, the troubles to pack and carry, it was just way too much trouble that most of the FPV pilots simply did not and were not able to carry their favorite Fixed wing RC FPV planes with them when traveling. Well say good bye to that scenario. Now you can easily carry your Fixed Wing FPV RC plane with you to any destinations you wish to go and enjoy flying short range to medium range FPV flights. Finwing Traveler V2, specially designed keeping travel in mind, is available in a kit version, and is just as easy as 123 to build. No DIY work needed, every piece simply fits. And best of all, you can easily disassemble it and fit it in a small aluminum carry case or a backpack. Now you can carry and travel with your FPV Plane with simple ease. Finwing Traveler V2 is a super FPV aircraft that delivers a stable and fast FPV Flight performance. Using dual motors, this plane packs a powerful punch, superb cruise speed and a good flight endurance for your short to medium range FPV Flights and FPV Adventures. Assembly and deploying takes only a minute or two, and after flights packing it back in a backpack or a carry case takes a minute or two as well. Enjoy the maiden flights and see how easy it is to carry this superb RC FPV Plane along with you to wherever you go.

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