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FINALLY! Ever since I’ve moved to Indianapolis, I’ve wanted a chance to fly at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This iconic racetrack has hosted the Indianapolis 500 since it’s first race in 1911, and for the first time.. since WWII it’s not going to be hosting the race during May, which is crazy. I connected with Keep Indy Indie and got a chance to go out and film some social media content on behalf of the track, and I got to use the footage to make this vlog! ENJOY!

Learn to build the exact drone used to film this video:

Full parts list on this drone with affiliate links:
Flight Controller:
ESC: Hobbywing 60a —
Video Transmitter:
Frame: Project 399 SuperG —
Camera :
Lipo: CNHL Ministar 6s —
Prop: Azure 5150 —
Extra Thumb Screw Standoffs:
Thumb Screw Locks for the top of flight controller:

DJI Products with this Drone:
Get Started with DJI: —
DJI but I want my own radio: —
DJI Receiver Directional Antennas: TrueRC Patch for DJI — (requires 2, not necessary, but amazing)
DJI Receiver Omni Antennas: TrueRC Stubby Singularity — (purchase 1, comes with 4)

Other Peripherals:
Goggles: Fatshark HDO —
DJI Goggles: DJI Goggles and 2 Air Units —
Goggle Receiver Module: IMRC Rapidfire —
Goggle DVR Accessory: IMRC Powerplay —
Goggle Battery Replacement: 18500 Batteries — (go in powerplay)
Radio: Taranis 9XD —
TBS Crossfire : TBS Crossfire —
Patch Antenna : TrueRC MX2 Patch Antenna —
Omni Antenna: TrueRC Matchstick Long –
FPV Bag: Think Tank FPV Airport —
Solder: —
Soldering Iron: TS100 —
Lipo Charger: HOTA 15A —

Drone Camera: GoPro Hero Session 5 //
Drone Camera: GoPro Hero 6 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera: Sony A7III //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Wide Lens: Sony 10-18 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Long Lens: Sony 85 1.8 //
Mic for Vlogging Camera: Rhode Video Mic Go //
Tripod in the Sky: DJI Mavic //
My awesome Pants:

Ultimate FPV Harddrive:
Western Digital My Wireless Passport Pro

Thanks to each of my sponsors:
China Hobby Line:

Hire my production company, Cinactive Media:
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