FPV Bando Flight Test: GoPro Hero8 Black + Reelsteady GO Stabilization00:00

This video is not sponsored or in partnership with Reelsteady or GoPro. I recently purchased Reelsteady GO with the intention of incorporating it into upcoming professional work. I hope to be able to make a video on how Reelsteady works in the near future. Reelsteady works best with GoPro 6 and 8. GoPro 5 and 7 have gyros that can become corrupted by high frequency drone vibrations if quality vibration dampeners aren’t used.

I do not condone or support the hateful/derogatory messages in any of the legible graffiti. They appear in the video randomly and are not intended to be a focal point for the viewing experience.

GoPro Hero8 Black: https://amzn.to/3fMvg12
Reelsteady: https://www.reelsteady.com
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