FPV Drone Arm Wrestling – Ep.134:04

Hei, Pilots.

This video is a result of my one year long research and try-outs within production of durable and robust CF composite plate for FPV drone parts manufacturing.

I have pursued not only good strength property, but as well comparable and affordable low costs of end parts, that being produced.

As I have mentioned in series of Drone 101 short videos – biggest problem to get strong composite plate is to crate high bonding properties between CF and Epoxy resin. And I believe that latest version of drone arm made from Fully Woven CF composite is best solution to have strong yet inexpensive parts.

6 different type of arms were tested on the bending-braking bench with scales.
Video is a little bit long, in case you don’t want to watch it all, below are links to results of tests.

– 4 mm common Woven CF/ Uni-directional (UD) CF composite , with 0-90 degrees layers inside – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=891

– 4 mm Woven CF / UD CF composite with 0-45-90 degrees layers inside, quasi-isotropic properties – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=1104

– 4 mm Woven CF-Kevlar mix / UD CF composite, with 0-90 degrees – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=1227

– 4 mm “Forged” Chopped CF composite – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=1384

– 5 mm common Woven CF/ Uni-directional (UD) CF composite , with 0-90 degrees – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=1549

– 5 mm Fully Woven CF composite – https://youtu.be/-R6guFYo1hU?t=1710

Please, feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.

More episodes with more tests of other arms are coming.

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Music Credits: LyFo – High

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