FPV Flight Testing SkyRC HD FPV Video Goggles with Finwing Traveler V208:39

Today I am testing the SkyRC Immersion Go Box HD FPV Video goggles outdoor with my FPV aircraft, Finwing Traveler V2. I flew with stock antennas on Plane FPV Video Transmitter and stock antennas on SkyRC Video Goggles at the same time. My flight radius was well with in 1km range and I had no issues flying and enjoying FPV except slight normal video reception glitches.

SkyRC Immersion Go all new Box HD FPV Video goggles feature a 7 inch HD LCD screen with Fresnel lens that offers crystal clear image even if you are receiving a standard FPV Video Transmission from your FPV Aircraft. SkyRC Immersion go are very light weight FPV goggles and are equipped with diversity 5.8ghz 40 Channel Video receiver. Goggles offer auto scan feature to automatically lock on to the strongest signals and easy access to your aircraft video transmission frequency. A Simple OSD shows goggle battery level, signal strength of both receivers and frequency that you are locked on. These are 1024 x 600 Resolution goggles with 65 degree of FOV that provides a huge cinematic image inside goggles for you to Enjoy your FPV Flights or simply watch and enjoy movies using HDMI and AV In. SkyRC Immersion Go HD FPV Goggles are very comfortable to wear and easy to use. With built in Fan, there is never a fog inside while flying FPV for longer sessions. With built in speaker you can hear sounds if your Video system transmits the sound and or just connect your headphones to watch movies in home theator virtual surround sound mode. The crystal clear image quality of these video goggles is the key for me to be a fan of SkyRC Immersion Go. Enjoy the complete Review and don’t forget to watch my outdoor FPV Flight testing the goggles video on my channels.

You can order SkyRC HD FPV Video goggles here

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