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► Watch Follow Me: Tom Pages X Drone FPV: https://youtu.be/hHWQiI1du_g

Ride on board with French motocross rider Camille Chapelière as his every move is caught on camera by a drone.

The drone was piloted by Tom ‘Tomz’ Panaivia, shadowing Chapelière’s every move at a secret filming location in southern Europe.
The pair teamed up to give an insight to what it’s like to ride on board with Chapelière giving views from the back of the bike as sand is kicked up and a close-up from the front as the bike arcs its way through the route at pace.
As the drone ducks through gaps in the trees, it gives the impression that bike and drone are just a few centimetres away and, in so doing, a fraction away from colliding on the course.
The short film is the latest in Panaivia’s Follow Me series having previously filmed Tom Pagès from a flying drone (https://youtu.be/hHWQiI1du_g)

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