FPV Racing Drone- Formula 1 Style – MIA Phantom™ 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter Mobius Cam View

The Secret is out! A look at the MIA Phantom™ 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter. A unique design inspired by the Formula 1 race cars but made to race in the sky. Unlike the typical 99% FPV racing quad frames out there, I designed this frame not only to look like a formula 1 race machine, but to provide full protection for motors and electronic equipment, in particular the FPV camera. This Frame as the MIA Phantom 150 Mini FPV racing Quad frames has optional MIA Racing Quad Crash Bumpers, a feature I also elected to provide and fly with in this video, so not only the quad is additionally protected from head on crashes, while looking aesthetically cool! . This particular model is one of various versions in the MIA Phantom™ Line. Other versions have other details not shown on this version, The most prominent features of the MIA Phantom™ Quads, if you have not already noticed, is the sleek streamline design with no protruding Antenna, Battery Connectors and Battery, as typical of 99% of racing quads out there . I am using my own design FPV Ultra Miniature Antenna which I show in another video. http://www.micro-flight.com

Pilot: Mario I. Arguello
Chase Pilot: Lawrence F. Arguello

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