FPV racing – four mini quadcopters battling at BBRC Devon UK03:37

Had a great day FPV racing at BBRC on 21/9/14, FPV racing is superb fun and great to get a group together !

If anyone is in Somerset UK, get in touch as I am trying to get some local FPV racing started – comment on practice video here:

FPV racing uses video goggles and onboard camera’s to fly as if you are sat in the pilots seat, these are very small 250mm quads weighing around 500g racing up to 40mph round a set course, they are cheap and easy to put together if you have RC experience with cars or planes.

We had great two lap races with 4 mini 250mm quads running, so edited this together from footage, I had enough good shots for ‘3 laps’ so its a mashap:

Jon with his custom frame MT1806, Naze32?
James (JAB1a) with spanky, ZMR motors, Naze32 FC
Matt with FPV250
and My FP250L, RCX 1804, KK2, Afro12 ESCs.
All running 5×3 props.

Thanks to everyone at BBRC for a great days FPV racing.

James (JAB1a) posted a superb video of the advanced course here

Music Dub Snap from Youtube archive.

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