FPV Racing Mini Quadcopters Advanced Course02:46

Such a fun day. A small West Devon FPV meet was organised by the guys from BBRC. The location was perfectly suited to this sport with different sections to the garden with mixes of nice long runs, woodland and obstacles.

I have not flown with many other people FPV let alone racing them but I thought this sounded a fun challenge. So I packed the car with all my flying gear and made my way to Bideford to meet the guys.

We managed to get 4 mini quads in the air for a race at one point but other commitments made a few people leave as it was a nice day so that just left 3 of us to have some fun.

I was having major problems on the day with my FPV cam, the lens had become loose in a hard crash from another day and had about .1mm of play which translated to a very blurred and vibrating image which was intermittent but did not stop the day.

This was all for fun and to meet new FPV pilots in the area, it was so nice to meet such a friendly and skilled bunch on the day. I managed to get well over 30Gb of footage to make some video’s so my next video will be of the whole days events.

Big thank you to all that I met who made it an excellent day.

Thank you to the spotter and provider of the course Frequency9, he makes a mean cuppa too 😉

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To watch videos from the excellent pilot I am flying with (Jamesb72) check out his channel:

Bideford, Devon UK

light breeze with strong gusts

For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@viralhog.com

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