No edits, no camera trickery- just flying. Join me in a flight of fancy as I get back to basics with one of my old 3D setups out here in the desert of Twentynine Palms. Check out my tour map @ support my content on Patreon! GoFundMe for the RV:

Get the next generation of 3D hardware at IQ:

Supplemental Videos:
The Complete Guide to 3D:
How to Fly 3D in Liftoff:
How to Setup BetaFlight & 3D:
How to Setup KISS with 3D:

Recommended Propellers:



Recommended Motors: (My original design, still the most efficient motor out there!)
Hypetrain Acro 2207 2450kv Motor by Rotor Riot

Recommended Electronic Speed Controllers:

Recommended Frames:

BULLIT Drones Xcaliber Freestyle Frame

Have been hard at work reformatting and preparing to produce more drone related content going forward, including creating new ways to be able to do that over the last couple months…. and spreading my wings to the community for funding and support.

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