HGLRC WIND 5 LITE Build Video GIVEAWAY Final Chance to Enter HGLRC ZEUS AEOLUS 800mw11:26

If you are in the UK or Europe I can build you a professionally made custom built fpv drone for minimal fees using trusted parts that I have used in over 50 builds this year!

Giveaway details: HGLRC Zeus F722 Flight controller
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VTX: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/all/products/hglrc-zeus-800mw-smart-mounting-20-20-30-30-vtx-for-fpv-racing-drone
Motors: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/all/products/hglrc-aeolus-2207-5-1750kv-1900kv-1950kv-2550kv-2600kv-brushless-motor
Frame: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/all/products/hglrc-wind5-lite-true-x-frame-kit-5-inch-for-fpv-racing-drone
Stack: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/fc-esc/products/hglrc-zeus-f745-stack-20×20-2-6s-f7-flight-controller-45a-bl32-4in1-esc
Camera: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/fpv-cameras/products/foxeer-nano-toothless-2-starlight-2-1mm-fpv-camera-0-0001lux-hdr-1-2-sensor

Prebuilt: https://www.hglrc.com/collections/all/products/hglrc-wind5-lite-fpv-racing-drone-f722-mini-flight-controller-45a-4in1-esc-2207-5-motor-vtx-350mw

Best $99 Drone
HGLRC Direct https://bit.ly/31C4XF8
Banggood https://bit.ly/3fF3a7a
CycloneFPV 4s edition https://bit.ly/2XKnIoC
– 450mah https://bit.ly/3gLNpgb
– 300mah https://bit.ly/2DvVK9v

Best Freestyle bnf drone I have tested
Sector 5 PNP // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/fre
Sector 5 crossfire // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/fre

F722 flight controller // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/fc/
M80 GPS // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/gps
New HGLRC 800mw VTX // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/all

My favourite PNP drone (IT’S £79!!!) // https://www.hglrc.com/collections/too
My review for it ^^ // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lSIH

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