Introducing OFM Swift TR260 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Quadcopter13:58

OFM Swift TR260 is a Tilt Rotor Quadcopter that is specially designed for FPV Racing and Fast Proximity FPV Flights. OFM Swift TR260 quadcopter with its Dynamic Rotor Tilting feature offers superb stability, and fast leveled flight. With its improved design, OFM Swift TR260 quadcopter is now lighter, smaller and faster.

No matter if you are a thrilling fast proximity FPV Pilot or you want to join FPV Racing, OFM Swift TR260 Quadcopter will offer nothing but an unbeatable flight performance, instant shoot out, sharp cornering, instant Air braking and super-fast leveled flight with its dynamic Rotor Tilting feature.

OFM Swift TR260 Quadcopter is compact, lightweight, extra fast and powerful. With its Dynamic Rotor Tilting offering leveled fast flights, FPV Pilots have clear forward view to dodge every obstacle with clear precision. No matter it’s a FPV Racing Track or its just another forest FPV racing with friends or just a thrilling fast FPV Proximity flight you are going for, OFM Swift TR260 Quadcopter, will surely amaze you and everyone else with its jaw dropping speeds and superb flight performance.

OFM Swift TR260 FPV Racing Quadcopter with Dynamic Rotor Tilting is your key to winning FPV Racing.

I am working hard to bring OFM Swift TR260 FPV Racing quadcopter for sales in late June 2015 or early July 2015. (IA)

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