John’s DJI F450 Quadcopter Doing Stunts, Flips, and Tricks02:36

This video contains footage of John’s DJI F450 Quadcopter doing stunts, flips, and tricks. We had a great flying day in a developing business park a short distance away from Ferndale, WA.

His quad copter is a home built quad that may be large enough for quadcopter fishing for smaller sun fish over lakes. I hope he makes a quadcopter FPV video of them fishing with his DJI F450 Quad RC aircraft.

Some people also call these aircraft multi-rotor, multirotor or quadrotor helicopters. All I know is they are pretty cool and I am not good enough at flying yet to get one of these big bad boys! Especially not with FPV flying with either an FPV tricopter or FPV quadcopter.

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