Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Drone Build – Part 3 BetaFlight Setup46:08

Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Drone Build
Part 3 – Complete BetaFlight Setup – FlexRC Ascent X 2.5
This is our 3rd video in the series Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Drone Build. In this video, we configure our FlexRC Ascent X 2.5 Inch Race Drone with BetaFlight and set up our motors and ESC with BLHeli Suite. Our hope is you will find this short Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Build tutorial helpful in the construction of your very own Micro FPV Racer! Thanks for Watching!
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Intro Music: Irish Tin Whistle — Celtic/Dance
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Outro Music: Forged By Fire: A Celtic Battle Theme. Royalty/Copyright Free
An Epic, Celtic Battle theme inspired by the story of Willam Wallace. Composed by Moustro 2015
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