MiG-29 🔥🔥🔥 Most METAL FPV Video EVER ✈️ HD 60fps19:50

There we go again with a badass, full-headbanging, air-to-air video edit of the new Freewing MiG-29, filmed by Tuckie with a quadcopter in the most ludicrous way possible!

I edited this video to the ‘Sunlight Highlights’ EP by Lucas de la Rosa, truly an outlandish and top-tier prog-metal performance, you gotta give this guy a sub or buy his album, it’s amazing.

This is the very first time we attempt shooting video of the MiG-29 from the air and… actually I have barely maidened the jet so I’m still getting used to it but we got the oportunity and went for it, got crazy shots regardless! 🙂

The video includes footage from 3 flight sessions, including a total of 10 flights, 8 of which were air-to-air, and I added scenes from a couple of ‘normal aerobatic flights’ for extra thrill. We managed to capture plenty of tailslides and backflips, plus a couple of flat spins and a cobra maneuver. The aerial videos were taken with a GoPro8 which makes the footage look super clean and stable. There is also some extra ‘air footage’ from a different drone, much smaller and potentially harmless that we use for ground super-close-ups.

Best regards to y’all and thank you for sticking around and enjoying my content! 🙂

These were Anežka’s flights 4th to 13th.

Quad pilot: Ernest Tuckie
Jet pilot: Alejandro Ibáñez
Ground video: Luis Ibáñez
Airfield: Club Aeromodelisme Els Cards
Music: Lucas de la Rosa (Link to his YT channel below) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrsqeFnXE6baBCSqOKzmfQ

Check out Tuckie’s YT channels here!

Distributor page for the MiG-29: https://www.motionrc.com/products/freewing-mig-29-fulcrum-twin-80mm-edf-jet-pnp

Regarding my MiG-29 setup:

Airplane: Freewing MiG-29 dual 80mm EDF
Motors: 2x Freewing 3658-1920kV brushless inrunners
EDFs: 2x Freewing 80mm (9 blades)
ESCs: 2x Freewing 100A
Servos: Freewing 17g
Taileron servos: Replaced by Corona DS-238MG
Receivers: 2x FrSky X8R working in D16 mode, one with telemetry
Redundancy bus: FrSky RB16
Rx Battery: Rhino 2S 610mAh
Main Battery: Turnigy Panther 6S 5000mAh 75C

[More details coming soon]

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