Mini Crosswind Chasing the AlbaBird – Formation FPV03:37

Formation flying with two twins, my Mini Crosswind and Sam’s AlbaBird. Who doesn’t love the sweet hum of twin tractor flying over your head on a calm and quiet evening!?
Sam’s AlbaBird is running 2.4g video and Crossfire for control so our kit worked really nicely together with zero interference or issues. The ability to pan makes finding another plane much easier and allows you to fly along side them without losing them. I switched my FPV cam to a Ratel 2 for the larger FOV, allowing me to see the pitot tube in the live feed… the huge advantage to this is it allows me to know i’ve centred my head correctly. Thanks for watching

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Sites I get my awesome FPV goodies from:
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✅ RMRC ►
✅ HobbyKing ►
✅ Gearbest ►

========Crosswind Setup========

Mini Crosswind iNav Diff ►
Build Log on my FB page here ►

In the Air:
-MFD Mini Crosswind Kit ►
-Matek F765 Flight controller (Running iNav) ►
-Matek Digital Airspeed Sensor ►
-Matek Vtx ►
-1.3g Video antenna buried in wing ►
-FPV Camera at front on pan servo ►
-180 degree Pan servo (modded for closer to 270 degree) ►
-Alternative 180 servo from Hobbyking ►
-2.2k resistor to modify servo ►
-Micro FPV Camera in the tail ►
-Tiny GPS Rx ►
-510kv Motors x2 ►
-30a ESCs x2 ►
-Emax Servos x 4 ►
-9×7.5 props x2
-Dragonlink Micro RX ►
-10,000 6S Lipo ►
-DJI Osmo Action HD camera (1080 60 with RS on) ►
-Sandisk 64gb V30 Micro SD ► UK Link: – USA Link:

On me:
-Skyzone OLED FPV Goggles (built in head tracker for pan) ►
-Taranis Transmitter ►
-Dragon Link V3 tx ►
-SRH771 diamond antenna ► 🇺🇸USA 🇬🇧UK

On my Groundstation:
-K&F Concept Tripod ► 🇺🇸USA 🇬🇧UK
-1.2 ghz VAS Pepperbox antenna ►
-Singularity CP Antenna 1.2g ►
-2 x RMRC 1.2ghz VRx ►
-Eachine Diversity Monitor with DVR ►
-Diversity Demon ►
-DVR ►
-Turnigy 5000mAh 3S ►
-25mw 5.8ghz repeater vtx (to send the video signal wirelessly from my 1.2ghz ground station to my goggles) ►
-Digital Volt Meter ►

========3D Printed Parts========

-Matek F765 mount (My design) ►
-Mini Crosswind Canopy & Pan ►

========3D Printing Equipment========

-3D Printer ►
-PLA filament ►
-TPU filament ►
-PETG filament ►
-Digital Calliper ►

========Build equipment========

-E6000 glue ►
-Laminating Iron ►
-Laminate ►
-Hot glue gun ►
-Foam Cutting Tool ►
-Heat Gun ►
-Watt Meter ►
-3M90 spray adhesive ►

========Other Video Equipment========

-Macbook Pro ► 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
-External Hard to Store Final Cut Pro X projects ► 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
-Computer Mic ► 🇺🇸
-DSLR ► 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
-Camera Lens ► 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
-Handheld Gimbal for DJI Osmo or GoPro ►

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