MJX Bugs 2W A Cheap GPS Drone with FHD 1080P 5G WiFi FPV

MJX Bugs 2W is one step ahead of its previous model, the Bugs 2. Bugs 2W is even more worthy and an affordable GPS Quadcopter that offers standard GPS Features like Auto Take off, Auto Return to home, GPS Position hold, failsafe return to home and low battery return to home features. It is also equipped with a 1080P HD Camera that takes clear and sharp still shots and records HD videos of your flights and adventures. Whats more, Bugs 2W now offers FHD 1080P Live Video Transmission over 5G WiFi Connection with your Smart Device and covers a good 0.5 kilometer range for live video transmission. With Live Video Transmission, now you can frame your desired aerial shots even more precisely and get the best out of this drone. The 2MP HD camera allows you to record 1080P Full HD videos, while the barometer ensures the stable Altitude Hold and smooth shots. More importantly, with the two-way full flight data telemetry and Two way transmission with your Radio, you are able to fly the drone to 800 – 1000m away and monitor the flight status in real time. it offers flight times up to 15 minutes using its fully charged battery. During my flight testing, this quadcopter was a pure fun to fly, and it was very reliable. During all my failsafe tests, it always came back home and landed safely. Its fast, its stable and it is very easy to fly for beginners. With its standard GPS Features it is a very beginner friendly quadcopter and onboard camera takes good quality shots as well. All in all its a worthy Cheap GPS Quadcopter for your pennies when it comes to performance, reliability and quality. Not to mention, with WiFi FPV its getting even better now.

You Can order MJX Bugs 2 here

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