MongoTV_5921 – ENGLISH VLOG – Part 20 – My Old Drone Collection20:09

Part 20 – (part 20 to part 24 is same recording). Is sunday, and i look again my old drone parts. But i made 3 video about that today too, but i had a break fly my FPV drone in my livingroom. I had not look at many of this old drone parts, for like 5 years. So i like to take everything out the small plastic boxes, and take a look one part by one part. Many parts i had forgot why i did buy it. But back in year 2015, i had a lot more money every money, i did not have to pay any online debt and credit card debt. So i did just buy all kind of stuff from Banggood from China, but mostly drones and drone parts. Sometimes i did just buy a drone part, just to have it, and see what it was. I could afford to spendt few 100 US$ every month just for fun, to buy toy drones and drone parts. I can do that again in the furture. But in the furture, i mostly have to buy real FPC Racer drone parts, not toy parts. But i will still buy few new toy drones i think 🙂 My JVC camcorder is out of power, so i have a small break now. Is 1.45 PM and soon 2 PM. So ik still got plenty of time today, to record more video. Have a good day too.

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