MultiGP NEWS Episode 5 – The World of Drone Racing

Today on Multi GP News…
What a historic race!
The first ever U.S. Collegiate Drone Racing Championship kicked off at Purdue University over the weekend.
We’ve got the full recap, plus interviews with the top pilots in the race
And, we’re digging deep into what it means to be a freestyle pilot versus an FPV drone racer.
The key factors that set these pilots apart.
Then, two epic races going down cross country. One in Austin, Texas and the other in Ohio. MultiGP News with all the details.

Our top stories in this week’s Morning Quad
Morning Quad #1: (CodeRed Special Edition Quad)
Wanna fly but don’t want to build? Introducing the
the Lumenier qav-xs codered special edition fpv racing quadcopter . A stretch x, light weight, super stiff, finely tuned airframe designed for high performance fpv drone racing. The quad was hand built, tuned and flight tested by the world-famous Lumenier team pilot, CodeRed winner of several freestyle and drone racing competitions. This racing airframe is stripped down to the bare essentials without sacrificing strength and durability. Check out for more info on this quad.

Morning Quad #2 Joe Nall 2017
And, fpv drone racing comes to joe nall from may 17th-20th. Multigp and the good folks at Joe Nall invite everyone to come out and fly with us. The Joe Nall event is one of the largest rc gatherings in the us with nearly 14,000 people passing through the gates alone.
Make sure to enter into the “Multigp drone racing challenge” held Friday and Saturday night for a chance to win $1,200 in cash and prizes. Log on to for more info. Also, there’s still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available, so if you’re interested contact

Morning Quad #3 TBS Triumph-Stub
And, Team Blacksheep and I-B crazy joining forces to re-invent how the modern antenna should look and perform. The duo coming up with the TBS Triumph Stubby Antenna. Manufactured and tested to its highest standards, the Triumph offers the best signal quality in its class. The antenna is extra compact with a double jacket semi rigid cable that is durable enough to take the toughest of hits.

Last weekend, MultiGP and the A-M-A made history hosting the first collegiate drone racing championship.
The crew from, along with Joe Scully, brought you live coverage of the race.
You can watch the entire event on

MultiGP is mostly a racing organization.
but many of its pilots love to let loose and enjoy a little free styling.
Racing and free styling each have their benefits — from letting off some steam to picking up sponsorships
If you would like your chapter featured in an upcoming episode, contact us at

Every week we’ll bring you an epic crash between a drone and something amusing for our viewers to enjoy.
This week, we’ll watch a compilation of crash videos that will have you at the edge of your seat!

Thanks again to everyone who tuned in to the Collegiate Championship in Purdue.
If you have an event, story or product you’d like featured on an upcoming episode, reach out to us at news at
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We’ll see you next week on MultiGP News.

Racing and free styling each have their benefits — from letting off some steam to picking up sponsorships.
This week, we speak with pilots: Cody “CodeRed” Matson, Jake Yubeta, Mr. Steele, Paul “Nurk” Nurkkala and Ivan “EnvyAstro” Rodriguez.
Video Courtesies: Mr. Steele, Cody Matson, Jake Yubeta, BelieveCam, Paul Nurkkala, Ivan Rodriguez, Facebook and Instagram.

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**Media Ambassador photo credit: Charles Blackburn, Lisa “Big Red Spider” and Paul Park**
Thank you, for all your hard work! Keep up the good work Ambassadors!

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Featured Video click on the link below to watch the entire event!
Bulbufet’s “Vlog – 76 // CQR Rust Remover” video captured the event in stellar fashion:

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