OTHERSIDE, The First UFO FPV Drone Video00:00

This film has a lot of meaning to myself, close friends, and a lot of process, imagination, fail try.
2 month ago we try out to build a drone who can light up a scene, after a lot of experimentation and fails, I’m proud to drop the first UFO FPV Video ever !
Shot and edit by Juupa


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Philippe (prx38), the drone pilot : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMtR8MlGkS5ZsdDTyGi9xFQ

Gabriel B, for help me out with tittle animation : https://youtu.be/34r87nZpkto ( his last video)

Tristan Barton – Revelations

The pack of lut I use for grade this video made by Victor Gabriel :

Stay safe and stay creative !

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