Pro Freestyler Shows Crazy Tricks With Jet ski – Collaboration ft. Niels Willems05:06

This was an awesome Meeting @ Experience Island.
You can read more details about this video down below!

I was invited to come and have a look behind the scenes, with pro freestyle jet-ski entrepreneur Niels Willems. I am amazed with the raw noise and power that comes from the jet-ski. Combined with the skills that needs to be mastered for delivering such intensive acrobatic movements, blew my mind! We were able to capture some moments, so we could share this amazing day with everyone!

I promised I would take some more risks now and then, this was one attempt closer for delivering that promise. I never was so nervous when flying before, we need to work on that part. Flying above water always was my biggest fear with this drone equipment. Also the movements from Niels and his jet ski are so insane fast, that I had some hard times keeping up with those intense moments. All my equipment was not waterproof so I kinda took a leap of faith. Bare with me, I hope everyone likes the edit.
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More information:
Niels Willems, has this big passion for the jet ski water sport.
He mostly lives on the edge of the extremes.
Winner of the Jetcross World Cup 2015!

Soon after this amazing achievement, Niels got badly injured during an accident on the water. This occurred while he was performing one of his breath taking tricks. Luckily Niels recovered pretty rapidly and is now coming back stronger than ever!

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Niels Willems

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