Quadrysteria Mini Mamba V2 FPV Racing Quadcopter06:06

Quadrysteria present, the all new Mini Mamba V2. This little frame packs a tough punch and superb speeds due to its flexibility of Motors angle adjustment. Not only that, it’s better and lighter than its Version 1. Vibrations damping starts from motor mount level and Plastic components, screws, towers and bolts means crashes are not gonna do serious damage to your critical components.
Assembly is very straight forward and repairs are fast if needed. Plenty of space between plates and at top plane to mount all your FPV Racing gear. Jello Free video using the supplied Mobius mount. And the list goes on and on.
The only Cons that I feel about this frame, is the Plastic screws, bolts and nuts that break very easily on minor crashes. Apart from that, this is one superb Quadcopter Frame. I am loving the freedom of motors angle adjustment / motor tilt feature that actually brings more speed to your FPV flights without having to tilt your Quadcopter too much in forward flight.
So Far my Setup is giving me sweet speeds. Just need to adjust those PIDs and get rid of that oscillation at high speeds.
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