Racing Drone Chasing Deer On Dad’s Farm – QAV210 FPV

Decided to exercise property right to scare deer off without harm to protect my dad’s property (hay).

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 (Dual mode with FPV and LOS Cameras)
FPV Camera (On Quadcopter) – RunCam 2 held in place and at an angle by InstaMorph and zip ties at 30 degrees. Also recording at 1080P 60FPS.
HS1177 (IR Filter, Top Video Connector, default settings, mounted at 30 degrees behind bracket holder (better way?)).
LOS Camera (On Goggles) – 1/3” Sony CCD HD 720p 700TVL Mini CCTV Camera 2.1mm Lens (NTSC).
Video Transmitter – BOSCAM 600 and Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna (RP-SMA) (RHCP)
Video Receiver – Aomway RX004 DVR 5.8G 32CH Video Receiver and Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna for TX/RX (SMA) (RHCP)
RC Loc8ter Lite
FrSky X4R-SB
DAL Indestructible 5045 Tri Blade Bullnose Props
DYS SE2205 PRO 2550KV 3-5S Lipo Race Edition Motor (All CW thread)
DYS XS 30A BLheli_S ESC’s
BLHeli_s (not reversed (motor wires flipped for FL and BR) (Defaults From Banggood Stock A-H-30 BLHeli-S 16.2 + Motor Timing Medium + Demag Compensation High + 0.125 Startup + Beacon Sound 1 Minute + Maximum Throttle 1948 – 9XR Pro set to ~1900 considering lowering to increase deadband)
Turnigy 9xr Pro (Set Throttle Limit to 78% ~1880 – gives about ~70 deadband from weakest motor throttle shift – motors vary – you might be able to go higher)
Simple PDB w/ Pololu 5V 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator (on top) and Pololu 12V Step-Down Voltage Regulator 600mA (on bottom)
RTFQ CC3D REVOLUTION ACRO Flight Controller (STM32F4 series, 210MIPS ARM Micro-controller)
Raceflight REVO_BB244+REVO_RFBL_BB3.bin (V1.9.9)
MOTOR STOP disabled (required as is bluely setting of 0.125 startup)
FC Minimum Throttle 1150 (check blheli_s and transmitter settings also for throttle settings). Raceflight Multishot BB244 doesn’t allow to set max throttle. That’s why I had to tweak bheli_s and transmitter for headband.
Multishot enabled
8KHZ/32KHZ (or H8/32KHZ PWM)
BlackBox enabled
SBUS (UART1: Serial RX | Receiver Mode: RX_SERIAL | Provider: SBUS | SBUS_INVERTER: On / No special cable).
Only PID Controller (Raceflight 🙂 )
Roll 4.500, 1.350, 0.100, 525, 70, 30
Pitch 5.000, 1.950, 0.120, 600, 70, 30
Yaw (5.925, 2.200, 0.030, 400, 25, 25
TPA 0.0 / 1600
Gyro LPF 60 / 85 / 75
D Term LPF 35 / 40 / 50
RC Deadband 10
YAW Deadband 10
BlackBox enabled (was getting Logging resumed in Blackbox Chrome App so made the following settings) (blackbox_device=1, blackbox_rate_num = 1, blackbox_rate_denom = 4)
Zip ties

??? grams w/o battery
??? grams w/ battery

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