This video was filmed with the Hero 7 and hypersmooth enabled and stabilized by reelsteady. Hypersmooth is a really great tool for filtering out any vibration/oscillation/your video is jello free. BUT it doesnt look fluid at all. It creates yaw jumps and other stuff which makes your video look like your kwad is using 5″ and 3″ props at the same time. Dont get me wrong there are times where hypersmooth really makes a good jop but it is not comparable to a high end programm like ReelSteady.
I would rather recomment a hero 6 and reelsteady because hypersmooth CAN’T replace reelsteady. I am tweaking reelstady for almost 2 weeks now and it is not easy to use. These are my first attemps using it. I will upload a video raw straight out of the Hero 7 without Hypersmooth and post processed by ReelSteady. this weekend.

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