Sébastien Loeb Hansen Brothers vs Racing Drone | WRX 2018 | RedBull01:02

I got lucky enough to chase some WRX cars with Timmy Hansen, Kevin Hansen and Sébastien Loeb behind the steering wheel!

This was hands down one of the gnarliest things i ever got to do. I can’t be more grateful for this opportunity! 😋

Big shoutout to RedBull and RedBull Motorsports for making this possible!

Racing Drone Setup:
– 🍒Craft Stamina Frame
– FlightOne 30×30 awesomeness
– Team BlackSheep Crossfire + Unify + Triumph
– Xnovamotors Lightning v2 2207 2600kV
– SLS – Stefansliposhop NOC 4S 1800mAh
– HQProp 5x5x3v1s

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