side of the road miniquad – FPV drone racing

I had a hard time to figure out a track. I only had 4 batteries on that track. This is not my best smooth try. The sun was also getting low.
I broke the gopro protective lens!
The next day I receive my banggood order of those lens. I now have 4. I should probably order more to make sure I have spares 🙂
You can find them here

My setup:
F40 2204 – 2300kv
DAL 5040 tri V2
HAWKEYE 200mW vtx
Custom 220mm frame
Hero 3+ (1080 60fps super view)
Bonka 4S 1300

If you are a beginner, you can buy your parts and build your own. Here are some parts.

—————- Combo kit —————————————————————-
This is ~140$ US and you get 250 frame, 1806 motors, CC3D, 12A ESC, CC3D, 2.2A batterie, charger and 5030 props! (FREE shipping)

This is ~145$ US and you get Emax 250 pure carbon frame, 2204 motors, CC3D, 12A ESC, CC3D and some carbon 6030 props!!! Not bad! (FREE shipping)

—————- Flight controller —————————————————————-

CC3D flight controller

AfroFlight Naze32 Acro flight controller

—————- Batteries —————————————————————-

Nanotech 1.3A 45-90C (I really love these batteries!)

Nanotech 1.3A 25-50C (These have lower C rate but are CHEAP!!)

Nanotech 1.8A 65C-130C (This one need to be mounted on top of frame)

Turnigy 1500mAh 3S 25C

—————- Charger —————————————————————-
HobbyKing B6 AC/DC 50W Charger (US Plug)

—————- Frames —————————————————————-

250mm ZMR carbon fiber frame (~33$ US) (FREE shipping)

250mm FPV frame

—————- Electronics —————————————————————-

250mW Video transmitter (TS5823)


—————- Motors —————————————————————-

Multistar 2204 Motors (Pack or 4)

Turnigy 1806 Emax Motors (Pack of 4)

—————- Props —————————————————————-

Banggood Genfam 5030 black props (FREE shipping)

Genfam 5030 black props (You will need a LOT of those!)

Genfam 5030 red props (Red does look good!)

5030R (green) Three Blade Propeller

5030 (green) Three Blade Propeller

“Vicious” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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