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A short recap in a Novelvue Documentary style format, about what happened at Hamre last saturday. J.Andersson Motorsport together with Staberg Motorsport hosted a drifting event at the local track to make it possible for drifting drivers to practice during the current situation. Watch the video to see what really happened.

Huge thanks to Hazetaa for helping out as a second camera operator!
Gimbal shots by the awesome Hazeta, check him out! Give the gimbal boy some love:
HAZETA @Youtube:

Also thanks to A New Perspective, supporting with the drone shots! Both from the Inspire and the FPV Drone.
ANewPerspective @Youtube:

Still Commited? You may ask yourself what it is! It’s the name of the video serie of following J.Andersson Motorsport’s drifting journey. Still Committed is the follow-up to Full Commitment, staying sane and trying to reach the dream with the new chassie in a new league. To be on top of the podium, once again. #TheM14

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