Tao Toa Cheetah 125 XR Chinese ATV Review- 180lb Speed Runs- Newbie Adult Too Heavy?12:30

Hey Guys,

1st off…Yes, I’m blind and wear thick glasses! Lol. Now you know why I need to use DJI Googles.
If you are new to the channel, it’s mainly about flying FPV Drones. But after losing a few in the hills where I was too lazy to walk to, I decided to purchase an inexpensive ATV Quad to Retrieve my FPV Quads, and fly in remote areas

Here’s a quick upload on my experience with the Tao Tao Cheetah 125cc XR. It goes hand and hand with the FPV hobby when flying long range, or just riding out with your fpv equipment to remote areas where a car can’t go.

All in all I really enjoy this Cheap Chinese Quad, it outperformed my expectations with speed and power. . Surprisingly, it fit right inside of my Ford Explorer. I like the fact that it is cheap, yet the parts are everywhere and also inexpensive. Enjoy the video and the ride

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