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Flywoo Explorer LR. 4″ Freestyle/Racing Drone.
Finally it wasn’t 95deg out today. But by the time I was done flying this amazing drone I had been outside here in Orlando (Trotters Park) for too long. Hot hot hot.
The Flywoo Explorer LR (for long range) has extremely long flight times for a drone that is fast and capable of freestyle flow (I’ll show that in the future).
I was running it with a 4s 850mah Tattu 95c battery and it easily pulled off 13minutes of flight.
It has an onboard GPS so if it gets too far and failsafes, or you have a switch setup on your transmitter, it will return to your launch point.
It has super long antennas to get them away from the carbon fiber frame which might block the signals.
It comes with the incredible Caddx Vista and DJI FPV camera for Digital HD direct to your (pricey) DJI FPV goggles. Like any FPV drone, you fly it from the ‘pilot’s seat’ – the camera on the front transmits to your wide field of view goggles with a delay of only around 22 milliseconds. This tiny latency is completely acceptable and makes you feel as though you are flying the craft perched on the front of it.
Because of it’s low weight (under 250g to comply with upcoming regulations) and efficient props and motors it is capable of flight times of longer than 30 minutes, unlike any normal freestyle or racing FPV drone 3-6mins.
And it flies like butter. Like a big stick a butter. So it’s awesome.

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