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Thanksgiving day 2017.

Where I live…sometimes you just gotta get in and get out to get that footage, or fly that spot. Which means, one battery… one take… no warmup… no practice laps. I’ve got 2 more “one take” videos coming out. Stay tuned, and stay up!

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The great folks who keep me up:

MUSIC by: Gravez – hilo

Cameras I use:
The drone cam/take anywhere cam:
Then protect it with this:
The VLOG cam:
And protect that camera with this:

Want a drone?

Build a FREESTYLE drone like mine:
An awesome Flight Controller:
Make life easy and use these ESCs:
The best FPV Video Transmitter:
Lightweight VTX Antenna:
(UPDATED 2017) Best FPV cam:
The BEST props:
Battery for drone 4s:
Serious battery for drone 5s:

Taranis Radio (mode 2):
Make that radio even more awesome with these gimbals:
Tiniest receiver ever for above radio:
Upgraded battery for above radio:
To go LONG RANGE, get this:
And a LONG RANGE receiver:
A really good antenna for above rx:
A better antenna for the radio:
FPV Goggles (how I see where i’m going):
A diversity module for the goggles:
Use one of these antennas:
And then one of these antennas to go FAR:

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